Whether it’s a peaceful bedroom or a cluttered kitchen — photographs of our spaces tell the story of who we are.


Classicism interior

Renaissance interior

Antique interior

Grunge interior

Gothic interior

Style and interior design

Style - a set of artistic means and methods of their use, characteristic of works of art. Style in the interior can be interpreted as the unity of the artistic direction, a harmonious combination of features and characteristics of the created space. All the basic principles of composition that are applied in the visual arts are also applicable to interior design. Home for a person is a place where it is warm and cozy, where he feels protected. The taste, wealth, philosophy of the owner of the house can change with age ... And through the arrangement of living space, a person expresses the features of his personality, creates the uniqueness of his own territory.

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Types of interior


For people who need space, a lot of air, freedom of movement, the loft style or its latest interpretation - industrial is ideal.


For those who seek closeness to nature, love the summer sun, the smell of flowers, appreciate home comfort.


Ideal for those who appreciate warmth and comfort, security of personal space. This style is the perfect embodiment of simplicity, individuality and environmental friendliness.

High tech

Ideal for young, purposeful, mobile people who follow fashion, love technological things, the functionality of space.

Interior - interior space of premises: design styles, classification and features

The interior consists of two main parts: building structures (floor, walls and ceiling) and filling items (furniture and decor). The choice of materials for finishing directly depends on the size and type of the room, as well as the personal preferences of the owner of the apartment (private house, commercial building).